Replacing your siding is the BEST way to improve your homes curb appeal…bar none!!!

Improved curb appeal can’t help but to increase your homes resale value…after all… people will judge a book by its cover.  New siding offers a great return on your investment.  Siding choices can be relatively inexpensive and offer a quick, easy color change that will last longer than any paint job.

But, here at Window Concepts of Milwaukee, we believe that there is more to siding than just changing your homes color.  Energy is leaking through the walls of your home, and it is costing you money every day!

Our Permawall  insulated siding system is truly a one of a kind product.  We believe it is the best choice for long term maintenance freedom, moisture management, color retention, energy efficiency, and wind resistance.  Permawall  is backed by the industries most exclusive full labor and material warranty that protect your investment forever.

Tyvek™ home wrap is used on our siding projects to add an additional breathable, protective air infiltration barrier which is also water resistive while allowing moisture vapor transmission.

We also offer a state of the art hidden vent soffit system that will maximize your homes ventilation capabilities while leaving a fresh, maintenance free appearance that is second to none.  Just think…NO MORE PAINTING!!

To learn more…CONTACT US NOW for an appointment on your siding replacement where we stand ready to share Ideas that $ave Energy