Some people say a window is a window, but here at Window Concepts of Milwaukee, we take exception to that!

We believe the glass package is the most important part of the window…after all; it is 80% of your investment. That’s why we offer our Concept-1 argon filled thermal pane glass package with Rayflexion 366, which is coated with microscopically-thin optically transparent layers of silver and titanium oxide.

In addition, we include our Power Pane Plus tempered safety glass on our windows interior pane. This glass is 500% stronger than ordinary residential glass and breaks into harmless pieces of glass similar to a car windshield. This technology provides protection from injuries caused by harmful shards of broken glass while making your window more durable for maximum long term performance.

Finally, our exterior Clean Less technology helps your exterior pane stay clean longer. The Clean Less silicon dioxide coating makes the exterior glass surface exceptionally smooth. The sun’s UV rays create a natural decomposition of dirt that is easily rinsed off with rain water, leaving the window virtually spotless.

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