Why Fall is the Best Season to Replace Your Windows in Kenosha, WI

Getting your windows replaced is a big step in improving your home. While you can do it all year, the best time to replace your windows in Kenosha, WI, is in the fall. That is when conditions are the best for you to avoid many of the most common problems that come with installing new windows. If you are trying to have your windows replaced, here is why fall is the best season to replace your windows.


Maximize your return on investment and minimize your heating / cooling bills by replacing your windows this fall.

Ideal Weather

The weather in the fall is perfect for replacing windows. It is not hot, but not too cold, meaning you can leave the AC off while the windows are being replaced without being uncomfortable. It also rains less in the fall, meaning the job won't be delayed by inclement weather. To get the best conditions, plan to replace your windows early in the fall season. The deeper into the fall months you get, the chances that it could snow or get too cold outside will increase.

Easier Scheduling

If you get your windows replaced in the fall, then your installers have more time to get everything situated during this season as opposed to the others. This might not seem like a big deal, but it can make a big difference in how long it takes to get your window replacement scheduled.

One of the biggest problems in home renovations is coordinating work and materials. Most people don't get the time off they need, which can lead to costly delays. Most companies will allow you to schedule your windows on their calendar in the fall as it is less of a hassle to get them scheduled as they are naturally slowing down.

Holiday Readiness

Getting your windows replaced early in the fall means that they will be ready for the holidays. You'll be able to keep your family comfy inside with more energy-efficient windows. You can also enjoy the fact that your relatives will be impressed by the new look of your house when they come over to visit.

Greater Availability

Fall is ideal for replacing your windows because supplies are in greater supply. The fall is the end of the home renovation season, and that means there is less competition to get the windows and other supplies needed to replace them. This can also lead to more manageable pricing on the work since supply costs are not as competitive either.

Quicker Turnaround

Since this is the end of the home renovation season, window companies will have more availability. That also means that they will try to pack as many jobs into the end of the season as possible so that they can finish more before the jobs run out. For you, this means faster turnaround on window installations.

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