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Our average home window replacement costs between $2,800 and $13,800. Use our instant online calculator below to obtain a detailed estimate for your next window replacement project.

We offer flexible financing options so whether you are looking for a simple single replacement window, or your whole home, we can meet your budget.


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**Prices are estimated costs. Many variables can affect the pricing (interior woodgrains, exterior paint finishes, glass options, window sizes, etc.

Replacement Windows That Can Transform Your Home

Window Concepts offers a large variety of gorgeous window styles that can improve the appearance of your home. Popular window styles include awning, single hung, double hung, casement, sliding, and picture windows. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you understand the benefits of each style so that you can choose with confidence the design that works best for your home. No matter which option you choose, all of our windows feature:

Durable Construction

All of our windows are constructed with tough materials to provide long-lasting protection and beauty for your home.

Energy Efficient Technology

Our windows come equipped with features that will help to reduce heat transfer both in and out of your home and potentially reduce the energy usage in the harsh winters and hot summers.


Our installation team will install your replacement windows so that they fit seamlessly on your home, without any issues. And, for added peace of mind, every window comes with a limited warranty.

We'll Complete Your Window Replacement Project and Exceed All of Your Expectations

Whether you're looking to have your current windows replaced with a new casement, sliding, picture, or bay, you're sure to find the perfect style when your partner with Window Concepts. And, with so many built-in features and color options to choose from, we have no doubt that you'll receive windows that suit your Milwaukee home as well as your own personal tastes. Our windows are:

Low Maintenance

Stop worrying and start enjoying your new windows

Energy Efficient

Maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home


We offer many flexible financing solutions

Premium Features

Made with high quality material


Made with with your choice of color, texture, and pattern

When to Replace Your Windows

Keeping your windows in working order is essential for every homeowner. Checking to confirm the window hardware functions, glass and frame are not leaking and are still intact, is the least your can do for your home.

If you are experiencing any of these tell-tale signs or problems, it’s worth a call to assess whether window replacement is a good option for your family’s home, health, and safety.

Hard to Open / Close

Trouble locking, cranking, sliding, or pushing

Leaking / Condensation

Standing water, mold growth, damage, increase in allergens

Frame Rot / Decay

Dangerous mold growth softens and destroys

Visible Damage

Broken glass, dented frame, broken hardware

External Noise

Excessive noise penetration from traffic and neighbors

High Utility Bills

Large heating bills in the winter and A/C bills in the summer

Factors Impacting Window Replacement Cost

A new or replacement window can give your home a much-needed boost. The average single window replacement cost is typically around $400 - $650 per window. Many smaller fixed windows can be lower in cost than that, and other complex structural windows may cost several thousand.

There are many factors that impact the average cost of window replacement, ranging from the window material to labor costs. Keep reading below to see what factors may impact your window replacement cost.

Window Material – The most common window frame materials are vinyl, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. Our vinyl windows are the most popular and come in many sizes and textures.

Textures – Vinyl windows are offered in two main texture options. Wood grain texture offers the appearance of a natural or stained wood interior or exterior, with the durability and benefits of high-quality vinyl. Smooth textures are sleek and modern, and do not contain any textures or patterns.

Colors – Offered in UV reflective colors, and standard colors, can match existing windows or deliver a whole new experience. The wood grain textures are offered in a variety of colors and wood like appearances.

Hardware – Custom locking features, handles, slides, and crank out knobs can dramatically impact the cost of a project, especially towards the high end of copper or custom matched appearances.

The size of a window impacts the overall cost of window replacement. Larger window types have an exponential increase in material cost in terms of the glass, and the interior and exterior frame.

The type of window will determine the structural support and hardware that is required. Double hungs and casement require more durable hardware the larger they become to accommodate the increased weight of the moving material.

The location of the window can influence the total cost to replace windows due to additional time and labor to safely access, remove, and install the new product. In the case of basement or egress windows, it takes more manual labor to add or remove the window components. The window locations is truly an adjustment to account for an increased in labor time and does not impact the overall material cost. The only exception is if additional structural support is required.

A replacement window is typically 80% glass and 20% frame material. Therefore, the larger the window the higher the material cost associated with replacement.

The glass is also an area which is worth spending the extra money because it will offer the benefit of significantly reducing electric and gas costs associated with air conditioning and heating.

The type of glass included with your window replacement can help lower the long-term costs of ownership by lowering utility bills and boosting energy efficiency. In general, double pane glass is a standard, but other improvements are available including triple pane glass, and low-E glass.

Spending the extra money for a strong glass package can increase the cost of window installation by 10% to 25% depending on the other window selections but can offer similar reductions in energy use throughout the lift of the window.

The labor cost for window replacement is typically around $40 - $50 per hour per person. The amount of labor depends on several factors including the location of the window, condition of the existing window, modification or repairs to the house structure or frame, and size of the window being replaced and installed.

In older homes, rotted wood frames, water damaged wood beams, and lack of structural support may also add to the total window replacement cost. This is not always something that can be typically seen during an inspection or consultation and is typically the only surprise expense associated with window replacement.

Before any work can be done installing the new window, the integrity of the existing structure and material must be repaired or replaced.

Homes built in the 60s to 70s are most found without insulation and weatherproofing between the interior and exterior walls. When these are missing, at minimum, weatherstripping must be addressed for the surrounding window.

Every estimate we provide at Window Concepts includes a comprehensive cleanup to leave your home looking better than we found it. When comparing quotes between window contractors, always ask if the cleanup and debris removal is included.

When to replace a single window? Or replace all windows at once?

When you’ve determined that window replacement is the best option for you, the next question is whether you should replace one window at a time or all at once. And it really comes down to whether you are looking to solve a single problem, update a specific room, maximize curb appeal, or get the job done.

When to replace only a couple windows

If replacing all the windows in your home is too large of an investment, it could be a good idea to break up the project over several years. Most window contractors will offer incentives if windows can be replaced in set of five to eight window minimums, so that would probably be the smallest group to minimize the total cost.

The most common single window replacement project is to update a bay window or a picture window. These are often center pieces of a room and largely visible from the front of your home, so they offer the largest single window return for instant curb appeal.

How to prioritize window replacement

A general rule to evaluate the priority of windows to replace is: Safety > Damage / Broken > Efficiency > Design. Your fire priority as a homeowner should always be to ensure the safety of your family and guests. If the windows are defective in any way specifically, molding, rotting, or no longer functional, this should be the next priority to minimize any potential structural damage. Finally, it comes down to efficiency and design. We prefer to recommend upgrades to efficiency, but many homeowners prioritize the look of a centerpiece window such as picture or bay.

When to replace all your windows at once

If your home is 15 – 20 years old and has never had the windows replaces you are probably in need of a replacement across the entire home. When replacing all the windows, you also minimize the labor cost as the installation team is already traveling to your home. Doing all the windows at once is less paperwork, time, and stress.

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Saving Money on New Windows

New windows are expensive, there is no doubt about it. But there are ways that you can minimize the cost, maximize your value, and reap the rewards for years to come. The best way to save money on new windows is to:

  1. Reduce labor cost by choosing a project which can be completed in a single day
  2. Reduce structural costs by creating a design plan
  3. Increase value by selecting windows which compliment your home
  4. Reap the rewards by choosing energy efficient and durable materials

Typically, five to eight windows are the break point to receive financial incentives and to minimize the cost of labor. Depending on the size and location of the window, this will generally take a small team an entire shift to complete both the installation and cleanup.

By working with our designs, we can recommend windows which can use the architectural integrity of your current home to minimize structural work.

Choose the right windows to capture the maximum value. Whether you are looking to have functioning hardware, a gorgeous view, increased ventilation, or just to not have to think about maintenance, our vinyl windows are a great replacement option in any configuration.

Working with double, triple, or low-E glass offers long lasting savings in the form of lower energy bills regardless of the season.

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At Window Concepts, we do so much more than just provide top of the line products - we put your customers first in everything we do. By conducting business with integrity and treating people with honesty and respect, we've earned the trust and appreciate of thousands of homeowners all over Milwaukee County. As a locally owned company, we are honored to help our fellow Wisconsinites make their homes more beautiful and functional with new and replacement windows.

We are happy to provide you with a complimentary in-home, no-obligation consultation so that you can get started on making your dream home a reality. Contact us today to learn more.

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