Why Choose Wood Windows in West Bend, WI

Wood windows are among the most expensive, take the most maintenance, and are often found in a wide range of homes. With so many other options available, why are wood windows still so highly regarded? Let's take a deeper look at the appeal and practicality of choosing wood windows for a home in West Bend, WI.


Wood Windows And a Natural Feel with Higher Maintenance Costs

Wood Windows Have a Unique Style

One of the very first benefits of choosing wood windows is that they offer a unique style that almost no other material can match. Wood windows are extremely versatile and can blend into any architectural style or theme. Wood windows can be stained or painted in almost any color. However, many homeowners choose to leave them in their natural colors and finishes so that the quality of the wood comes through. On the right style house, like a Tudor house or cottage, they fit perfectly.

Wood Windows Can Be Energy Efficient

Wood windows are often advertised as energy efficient. This is usually due to the type of glass and finish used in construction. Wood windows have a high “R” Value rating compared to other materials, which means that the material can trap and hold air inside, making it better at insulating a home.

Wood species like oak and cedar have a natural finish that prevents water from entering the wood, making it resistant to rot and decay. These species are also very dense, heavy, and slow to conduct heat, making them also resistant to heat loss.

Wood windows, regardless of the wood species used in construction, can be treated with proprietary coatings or paints that can increase their ability to retain heat and prevent water damage.

Wood Windows Can Be Environmentally Friendly

Wood windows can be a great option for homeowners who want to promote sustainability and reduce damage to the environment. Wood windows can be built with the exact species of wood that grows naturally in West Bend and other parts of the country. This means that you are building with a material that would otherwise be thrown away or left to rot. Wood windows can also be built using reclaimed wood from other structures that have been torn down. Reclaimed wood is common in a lot of high-end building materials and construction.

Wood Windows Are Often Hand Crafted

These days, most windows are mass-produced. However, most workers will tell you that the best wood windows are hand-crafted by master craftsmen. The best windows are often made by individual carpenters who have honed their skills for years and have become experts in their field. There are bound to be some inconsistencies in a mass-produced product, but there is no doubt that a hand-crafted wood window will be of the highest quality available.

Wood Windows Are Considered High-End

This style of window is by far the most expensive to install, requires the greatest maintenance, and has the highest tendency to rot. With all of these drawbacks, vinyl windows are often considered a suitable replacement with their wood grain textures.

Wood windows are as much a status symbol as they are a practical material to use in a home. Wood windows are often found in upscale and luxury houses. This is because wood windows lend a sense of luxury, sophistication, and prestige.

There are some practical reasons why wood windows are considered high-end, but they mostly come down to the unique style that they offer.

Are Wood Windows Right For Your West Bend House?

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