Soffit, Fascia, and Gutter Replacement Cost

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Soffit Fascia and Gutter Installation and Replacement

Installing a maintenance free soffit, fascia, and gutter system is a wise decision for those who wish to eliminate the costly and hazards maintenance of these hard-to-reach locations of your home. As your trusted roofing and siding partner, we are determined to make covering your soffits, fascia, and gutters as easy as possible. We help provide you with all the information to help eliminate future maintenance with style and color options that best suit your home.

Soffits, fascia, and gutters are parts of a house can enhance the beauty of any home, but are commonly ignored, and yet are very important. With new maintenance free soffits and fascia, painting is a thing of the past, not to mention the potential to fall off a ladder or spill paint all over your homes exterior and landscaping. Sound familiar?

The gutters are an aid to the roofing and water management of your home. Seamless aluminum gutters are available to match your maintenance free soffits and fascia system.

Our sales staff can easily guide you through the best color and style options available so you can safely enjoy your future maintenance freedom.

The Purpose of Soffits

The soffit is the underlying part of your home that connects the roof and the external walls. It is joined together with the fascia on the side, where the gutters are attached. Soffits are strategically placed just where the roof eave ends and joins the house walls, the soffit can aid in the ventilation of the home’s attic. It is common for homeowners to ignore this part of the home as it is difficult to maintain. Our maintenance free soffits are the perfect solution.

The Purpose of Fascia

Also known as the roofline, the fascia is the board that is joined at the point at which the roof meets the exterior walls of the house. The gutters are directly attached to the fascia unless the fascia is on a gable. Any leakage from the gutter can cause wood rot to your existing fascia.

The Purpose of Gutters

The gutter is simply the water management system for a home. Can you imagine how your backyard would look if there were no gutters? The gutter system collects all the water from the roof and directs it away from your homes foundation, and therefore reducing the chance of costly foundation damage.

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Benefits of Soffits and Fascia

Maintenance Freedom

We offer soffits and fascia, which were traditionally produced in wood, in maintenance free vinyl which relieves the wood-based worries of painting, swelling, cracking, warping, or damage from pests.

Improved Ventilation

The soffit and the fascia allow for air circulation from the attic. Without it, air would be trapped inside the attic and as a result, accumulation of moisture and condensation.

Protection of your House

From the joint at which the roof joins the walls, it is easy for pests and water to get into the house. The soffit and the fascia protect your home from this.


Soffits and fascia come in different types, styles, and colors allowing you as the homeowner a wider scope to choose from.

Enhanced Home Beauty

We offer a wide selection of color options to help enhance any existing siding or roof shingle.

Benefits of Gutters

Protecting Home Exterior

Water is one of the major destroyers of home exteriors, from walls, siding, doors, and windows. During rains, the gutters collect water and discharge it systematically preventing it from falling to the ground and affecting the house exterior and foundation.

Our seamless aluminum gutter options are also available in a wide variety of colors to compliment your home's siding and roof shingles and eliminate your nagging, leaking gutters.


During heavy rainfalls our 4-inch oversized downspouts assist in draining the collected water in the gutter and quickly discharge the water safely away from your homes foundation. Our oversized downspout outlet offers a larger area to help prevent gutter debris flow without clogging your gutters.

Preventing Flooding

Without the gutters on your home, rainwater and melting snow would simply fall to the ground at your home’s foundation. This increases the chances for water seepage into your basement, and cracking of your home’s foundation, which is very dangerous and can lead to very costly repairs.

Avoids Water Staining

Gutters collect and wick away the water on your roof thus preventing water stains along your homes exterior.