Window Grille Options

Window grilles are decorative patterns on windows or doors consisting of either horizontal, vertical, or curved bars which divide the glass panes into smaller decorative panes.

Grilles are purely an aesthetic option and do not add strength or efficiency to windows.


Window Grille Styles

Window grilles have always been a popular style option for homeowners. These are often considered premium features to add architectural style and interest to your home. Common grille configurations can be seen below.

25 different window grille styles to consider

Window Grille Construction

The construction of the grille can be separated into three main categories and choosing the right grill option comes down to the patter and construction you are going for.

  • Fully Divided Light Grille

    Three separate decorative spacers are included with this option. There are decorative pattern both on the inside and the outside of the window as well as in between the glass panes.

  • Between the Glass Grille

    Interior bars are aligned between the panes of glass. This is usually the preferred option as the decorative bars do not interrupt window cleaning.

  • Interior Grille

    The bar snaps onto the interior window creating an easy to remove decorative pattern

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