Ask These Questions Before Window Replacement

Window replacement is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home, increase energy efficiency, and reduce heating / cooling costs. According to Energy Star, window replacement can save hundreds of dollars per year.

When considering window replacement, here are some of the most common questions and answers that we get.


Most Common Questions Prior To Window Installation

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Replace Windows?

While window replacement can happen year-round, it is often done between March – October. In general, warm weather is preferred when replacing multiple windows. This will prevent prolonged cold drafts from entering your home. Ultimately, the decision comes down to the time of year that is most convenient for you.

Should I Replace All My Windows At Once?

Ultimately the decision to replace one single window, a room of windows, or a whole home of windows comes down to:

  • Looking to fix a problem window or add basic functionality back: This is the most common reason to replace a single window.
  • Looking to brighten up a room: Replacing a room of windows and adding much more sunlight and air flow is the right choice.
  • Looking for a huge increase in curb appeal at a relatively low investment cost: Then a who new house full of windows is key.

Replacing a single window or a room of windows is ideal in window sets of 3-8 or more as this minimizes labor costs. Replacing a home full of houses is ideal for maximizing your return on investment and curb appeal.

How Can I Prepare My Home For Window Replacement?

The most important thing when it comes the day of window installation, is to be available at the timeframe that you and the contractor agreed upon. Otherwise, we recommend:

Finding a playdate for your children, pets, or significant other! Keep anyone who is not essential away from the work area for both the safety of our installation crew as well as your family. It’s not uncommon to visit a neighbor for a day or even set up a movie marathon in the basement.

Is Replacing Windows Messy?

While any construction job is bound to have a bit of noise and dust, we at Window Concepts are professional installers who remove the old windows, frame, and debris. We prepare the opening of the new windows including any added structure or insulation. Each of these steps can stir up some dust, but we always leave the house clean and free from any left-over debris, tools, or any other job-related mess.

Should I Hire Professionals? Or Should I Replace Windows Myself?

In nearly all cases it is more economical to hire a professional to replace windows because we provide flexible financing options for a low monthly payment, robust window warranties, and rapid concept to install speeds.

Do I Really Need New Windows?

If your window is hard to open or close, stuck, not functioning, hazy, broken, has condensation present, or is drafty, the answer is yes. You need a new window.

What Is The Best Window Style For Me?

The best windows for natural light are:

  • Picture window – let in a huge amount of natural and unobstructed light into your home. These fixed windows are often paired with casements or double hungs to offer a bit of airflow along with the natural light
  • Bay window – Extends beyond your homes walls to pull in and capture light. Also adds additional square footage and storage space.

The best windows for energy efficiency are:

  • Casement windows – These come with weather stripping seals around all edges of the window. Additionally, when it is windy, the wind will blow into the window and cause the seal to become even tighter.
  • Sliding windows – Similar to casement windows these offer excellent energy efficiency ratings due to the weather stripping and lack of inefficient seals or cracks
  • Single Hung windows – the top sash is electronically welded shut and provides a factory perfect seal preventing any heat to be gained or lost through ineffective sealing methods.

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