Picture Window Replacement Cost

Use our guide below to determine if picture windows are right for your next project. Compare strengths and weaknesses of picture windows, glass options, grid / grill patterns, and window screens.

Picture window replacement can cost as little as $389 pending the installation details or as much as $1149 or more per window depending on your choice in size, hardware, functionality, style, glass type, and more.


Picture Window Installation and Replacement

Picture windows, or fixed windows, are typically large windows made from a single sheet of glass that is not divided into multiple panes and cannot be opened. These are typically found in great rooms or living rooms, as they offer expansive views and allow in abundant natural light. Fixed windows are inoperable and do not open, however; they work very well in combination with other window styles such as double hung and casement window to create an astonishing view.

There’s nothing complicated about the design of a picture window—it’s a simple square or rectangular shape that offers an unobstructed view to the outside. So, what's all the fuss about? Why is the simple picture window so unique and special?

The answer is that the simplicity behind the picture window is its most powerful attribute. Here at Window Concepts, we’ve helped homeowners completely transform their homes with the addition of picture windows. They're an incredibly versatile window choice, meaning that whether you choose to have them stand on their own or combine them with additional windows, their simplicity makes for an easy way to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside of your home in whichever way you choose!

Advantages of Double Hung Windows

Scenery and Brightening Your Rooms

Picture windows are the perfect options for letting light and the outdoor scenery into your home. The window does not have any seams or breaks, and it is fully sealed after installation, enhancing views, and eliminating any framework or structural lines through your window.

Natural light can benefit your home in so many ways. Large picture windows provide an unobstructed enhancement of natural light in addition to boosting your homes curb appeal. The natural light will help enhance the colors within your home and add an element of elegance. If a bright sunroom has been on your wish list or you’ve got a beautiful view that’s too stunning to capture with a series of small windows, consider picture windows. Large picture windows are great for creating window walls by aligning many picture windows together.


Picture windows are an excellent way to make any room appear larger, by adding a perception of depth to any room.

Excellent Weatherproofing

Picture windows do not open and as a result offer the perfect weatherproofing for your home. These non-operable windows are completely sealed at the sides to ensures that during storms and rain, water cannot get into the house.

Low Maintenance

Because these windows are non-operable there are no moving parts which need to be maintained or replaced as is the case with casement, double hung, or sliding windows.


Compared to other windows which tend to offer unobstructed views such as bay or bow windows. Picture windows will not require any structural modification to your home or any other support to be built or extended outside of your home.

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Drawbacks of Picture Windows

Poor Ventilation

A picture window by itself is a fixed non-operable unit that is not meant to open at any point and as a result, offers no ventilation options. Combine picture windows with double hung or casement windows to enhance your homes ventilation.

Heat Gain

Through the large unobstructed space of the window, a lot of sunlight is allowed into the house, which may result in the nice warm sun rays to warm your home. However, in the summer months it can make a room extremely warm and uncomfortable. Choosing the right glass option will provide yearlong comfort and energy savings.

Choosing the Right Size Picture Window

Picture windows are incredibly versatile windows, and whether it’s time to replace your existing picture window or if you’ve been inspired to try a new look in your home, a picture window is a great starting point. Picture windows come in a wide variety of styles and can be paired with many other window designs and can even be customized to match interior or exterior colors. See below for more information on sizes.

Picture Window Customization

Compliment or upgrade your home's appearance by combining picture windows with other window styles. For example, you can increase ventilation and natural light by adding casement or double hung windows on both sides of a picture window. Or adding a specialty transom window above your picture window can go a long way in adding value and an architectural interest to your home.

With Casement Windows

Combining the picture window with end venting casement windows allows you to have the enhanced view of the outside environment and at the same time, proper ventilation. Casement windows, open the full height of your picture window offering the maximum ventilation.

With Double Hung Windows

Combining the picture window with the traditional look of double hung window. Double hung windows don’t offer ventilation in the full height of the window like casements, however, still allows for an increase in ventilation.

Picture Window Sizes and Locations

Picture windows are a statement piece in any great room or living room and require a bit of planning to understand the desired effect to create in your home. When making a small room appear larger, there is no limit to how large your picture window can be. When planning a large picture window consider the direction it is facing and when the natural light will be entering your home. It is also common to include windows such as double hung or casement to allow added air flow.

Most commonly, picture windows are at least 4 feet wide and can be up to 8ft tall or larger. When choosing a larger picture window size, it will take a bit of extra planning to transport the window to your house.

Smaller pictures windows are available to pair with other window types, but these are commonly referred to as transom windows.

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Picture Windows (FAQ) - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (picture windows FAQ) we've answered dover the years about replacing and installing windows.

Picture windows are often referred to as fixed windows, and as such they do not open. However, they are commonly paired with windows on either or both sides which typically do open.

The standard picture window sizes typically come in width between four to eight feet wide and 4 to eight feet tall. It is possible to have larger picture windows but require more planning for the installation team as they may be difficult to transport. Sizes below two feet may be installed, but these are typically called transom windows.

The most common reason to replace picture windows is to add in the option for ventilation. It is possible to replace picture windows with double hung windows, casement windows, or more. This would depend on how large the existing picture window is. The most common reason we replace picture windows is to make the large, fixed window smaller and to add two opening windows on the sides.

The total cost to replace a picture window is typically between $565 to $1,850. The variation in cost is largely dependent on the size of the window, type of glass and trim, and whether there is an existing window or opening that we can work from. Use our window replacement cost calculator tool to determine the total cost of your next window replacement project.