Transom Window Replacement Cost

Use our guide below to determine if transom windows are right for your next project. Compare strengths and weaknesses of transom windows, glass options, grid / grill patterns, and window screens.

Transom window replacement is tricky to cost due to variables in the existing window and home structure. Call to see if we can help you with your transom window needs.


Transom Window Installation and Replacement

A transom window is horizontally shaped accent window that is located above another window, patio door or entry door.

Due to the visual appeal that these windows create, they are mainly installed at strategic points such as at the front door or a large window where visitors can easily notice them.

Advantages of Transom Windows

Allows More Light

Transom windows allow plenty of natural light. They are best suited for rooms that have few windows or receive poor light even on bright days

Architectural Accent

Transom windows are popular because they serve as an architectural accent. Their unique designs and styles enable them to act as an ideal architectural accent. Some are rectangular while others are fan shaped. They also have different angles of alignment, and their frames come in unique forms. With the plenty of options at your disposal, you can choose any design style that will give your home a unique architectural accent.

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Drawbacks of Transom Windows

Difficult to Clean

The main disadvantage of these windows is in terms of cleanliness. Transform windows are difficult to clean. Unlike other forms of windows, they can only be cleaned from one side at a time.

Difficult to Replace

Due to their custom shape and orientation, it is often common difficult to replace.