How to Switch Up Your Window Styles in Your Kenosha, WI Home

Replacing the windows in your house is the perfect opportunity to change styles as well. Doing so will create a big change in the look of your house. In fact, many people decide that it is the perfect time for a style change.

There are many different types of windows to choose from. Here are a few tips to help you switch up your window styles in your Kenosha, WI home.


Matching window styles to your home and home features in Kenosha, WI

Find Window Styles That Match Your House

One of the best ways to choose the right kind of window for your home is to find styles that match your house. This might mean looking at architectural styles that were popular during the time your home was built, or styles that are common in your area.

New window styles are popular that can blend with the style of your house. Focus on picking windows that have similar features to the windows that you have to make sure they fit.

Find Windows That Fit The Spaces If Possible

When replacing your windows, consider the size of the windows and the spaces they’re in. Finding windows that fit into these spaces reduces the amount of construction needed to make them fit. If chosen well, you can easily slip the old windows out and put the new ones in without making any big structural changes.

During this process, you should also consider where the windows are located in your house. For example, if your home has large windows in the front of the house, you might want to replace a smaller window on the back with a larger one that matches the front.

Pick Frame Materials That Match the House

When choosing window frame materials, you’ll also want to consider the architectural style of your house. Some materials are more common in certain styles than others. For example, wood is a popular material in many architectural styles, while vinyl is more common in contemporary homes, ranch-style homes, and mobile homes.

If you want to use wood in your windows, there are a number of different types to choose from. You can also consider other materials, like fiberglass and aluminum. If you’re replacing multiple windows, you might want to consider using different materials on different windows. For example, you might want to use wood on some windows, while using vinyl on others.

Choose Window Embellishments That Match The Style

You might also want to consider the window embellishments you choose. For example, you might choose casement windows with criss-cross patterned or colonial grids, or you might choose double-hung windows that have patterned grids.

Other window embellishments to consider include window coatings, window screens, glass and hardware. When choosing window coatings, think about the look you want for your home and the type of light you want in your home. If you’re installing new windows in a sunroom, you might want to choose windows with low U-values to maximize the amount of heat that the sun’s warmth brings into the room.

Ask an Expert Window Installer in Kenosha, WI

When it comes to choosing windows for your home, you have many different options. Sorting through them all is much easier when you have help. Contact us to schedule a consultation for help finding the right windows for your home.

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