Jalousie Window Replacement Cost

Use our guide below to determine if jalousie windows are right for your next project. Compare strengths and weaknesses of jalousie windows, glass options, grid / grill patterns, and window screens.

Jalousie window replacement is rarely done in Wisconsin. Call to see if we can help you with your jalousie window needs.


Jalousie Window Installation and Replacement

The jalousie windows comprise of individual glass panels which are placed parallel to each other. These parallel panels can be cranked open to allow each window slit to allow airflow in. Most people prefer these windows for their effective ventilation abilities even though they are not very popular or well known.

We at Window Concepts work with every one of our customers to customize their home, and we often find that Jalousie windows are not very common in the Wisconsin area. For this reason, we are always happy to look at your windows, but we often recommend a more common window type

Advantages of Jalouise Windows

Open in Light Rain

Most window types are installed in ways that allow water into the house during rains, but not the jalousie windows. The panes open at an angle and therefore, during light rains, you can open the windows slanting to keep your house ventilated as the rain pours. This is something you cannot try with other types of windows such as the double or single hung windows as water will soak up everything in the house near the window.

Enhanced Airflow

With the jalousie windows, while open, they completely allow maximum entry and flow of air without any obstruction. Close window alternatives such as the double hung windows allow restricted airflow.

Simple Repairs

The jalousie windows are very easy to repair when damaged as you only replace the slit that is not working properly or damaged. Therefore, the fact that the whole window is made up of independent panes reduces the mass damage of the window. For most other windows, damage requires replacement and repair of the whole window system, which can be very expensive. In addition, the replacement is very simple. All you need to do is to unhook the damaged pane and hook in a new slat and you are good to go.

Versatile Decorating Styles

Since the window slats are easily removable and replaced, you can easily replace your windows with any type and design if they are of the same pane size. If you decide that the window exposes the house too much, you can decide to use solid material panes to obstruct the view.

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Drawbacks of Jalousie Windows

Less Water Resistant

The jalousie windows are made in a such a way that they open fully and there are no obstructions such as seals that close between the panes when closed. As a result, the spaces in between allow water, ice, and storms into the house. With other types such as the double hung windows, once closed, the spaces are completely sealed, and nothing can pass through.

Poor Insulation

Jalousie windows are not as effective as insulation windows due to the many unsealed openings that they have when closed. The spaces prevent them from restricting airflow, especially during the extreme weather conditions. Proper insulation is when the windows do not allow free airflow in and out of the house.

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