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From the very first phone call, all the way to the completion of your project, you will quickly notice what makes us superior to any ordinary window replacement company. Continue below to learn more with our project specific guides.

Our Process

Experienced, Trained, and Certified Installers

Window Concepts of Milwaukee, Inc. has helped Wisconsin homeowners replace their old drafty windows and update their exterior siding since 1989. Our mission is quite simple: partner with high quality manufacturers and provide the top-of-the-line professional installation and service Wisconsin homeowners deserve.

  • Our Three Step Process Is Guaranteed To Work Because We Are:

  • Full Service Company

  • Fully Insured Company

  • 100% Financing Available

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

Consultant with a clipboard in front of a home

Step 1

Free Consultation

Project Technicians ensure accuracy and answer any last minute questions before sending in the order for your fully customized windows.

Two window professionals installing a window

Step 2

Design & Installation

Our professional installers will treat your home as if it were their own and clean up afterwards.

Customer service representative with a headset

Step 3

Customer Service

A robust limited warranty is backed by a commitment to making sure your windows function as expected.

Our Knowledgeable, Experienced Installers Have What It Takes To Complete Your Installation Right The First Time

At Window Concepts, we understand that it is not enough for a window company to simply offer stylish and durable products - it is also important to have the knowledge and experience to install them flawlessly. Wisconsin homeowners choose us over other window replacement contractors thanks to our:

AAMA Certified Master Installers

Our installers display only the highest level of care and precision while on the job, ensuring a perfect installation every single time. All our installers are trained through a program created by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. Training is based on strict industry standards, allowing our installers to perform high quality installations based on only the best knowledge available.

Proven Track Record of Success

The quality of our work and the successful completion of numerous home renovation jobs has earned us 200+ reviews with a 4.8-star average rating.

Value and Affordability

At Window Concepts, our goal is to make your window replacement project as affordable as possible. That is why we offer our windows at an incredible value, and a variety of financing options to all our qualified customers.

Clean Installation

We are extremely careful during every part of the window, siding, or door replacement process. We take special care to ensure sure your yard, flooring, and walls remain in perfect condition during and after our installation process.

Locally Owned & Operated

With us, you will not have to go through a corporate call center just to have simple questions answered. We are here to help you on your project by providing exceptional service and attention to detail.

two crew members lifting a pane of glass

family sitting on window ledge

New Window Installation and Replacement

Our windows are more than just a decoration for your Wisconsin home. While our windows always include a beautiful element of design, they also offer much more than what meets the eye. Explore our window replacement options below.

The Most Common Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

  • Easy Use & Maintenance

    Our windows come with simplified hardware for quick cleaning, swift and simple use, and an elegant look.

  • Enhanced Curb Appeal

    New windows are one of the best ways to increase your home value and our professional installers measure precisely to ensure a perfect fit inside and out.

  • Increase Energy Efficiency

    Our replacement windows are Energy Star certified and made to combat the extreme weather conditions in South Eastern Wisconsin.

Siding Installation and Replacement

Worn out, cracked, or missing siding is not only an eyesore, but it also puts your property at risk of further damage from water, debris, insects, and birds. As a siding replacement company, Window Concepts offers homeowners an in-depth consultation to understand each homeowners’ specific needs before any work begins. Afterall, siding installation is not just about the materials. It is about having experience with the used material, creating tight bonds, making sure that the job creates a durable, well-held siding; this is important especially since improper installation can result in thousands of dollars in damage that may go undetectable spread years down the road.

Wisconsin Siding Installation and Replacement

Homeowners in Wisconsin consistently choose Windows Concepts for the following reasons:

  • Maintenance Freedom

    Choose our low maintenance siding with hardly any regular upkeep. Once installed, you are good to go. No need for costly repairs, dangerous second story painting, or constant attacks from pests such as termites and rot. Vinyl siding is exceptionally durable, low cost, and very low maintenance.

  • High Quality Siding Materials

    Choose our low maintenance siding with hardly any regular upkeep. Once installed, you are good to go. No need for costly repairs, dangerous second story painting, or constant attacks from pests such as termites and rot. Vinyl siding is exceptionally durable, low cost, and very low maintenance.

  • Wide Selection of Colors and Textures

    We partner with reputable manufacturers who offer a wide variety of siding colors, textures, and accents that can provide excellent protection to your home and a beautiful addition to your property.

  • Customer Warranties

    The replacement siding we install comes with a lengthy manufacturer warranty on damage from UV, water, physical impact, wind, dust, and defects. Be sure to ask about our blow off protection.

  • Available Financing

    We work with many financial partners to offer up to 100% financing for select projects.

siding contractor inspecting the side of a home with partially installed traidional siding

man with a drill finishing the door knob on a new door

New Doors Installation and Replacement

Changing out the front entry door of your home is a great way to add a touch of elegance while improving the resale value of your home. If you want the entryway of your home to not only welcome visitors but to make a statement about your personal style and deep appreciation for quality, Window Concepts can help. Unseen but equally important is energy efficiency and security; your new door needs to be safe and sealed.

Once you have identified the style of your home, you will find you have a dizzying number of door styles and glass styles to choose from, but we’ll walk you through the process until you find just the look you want. The most important aspects to consider for doors are:

  • Safety & Security

    A front door should look inviting yet be strong enough to protect you and your family inside. We offer doors which can provide superior safety through high quality materials and accessories such as multi point latches and dead bolts.

  • High Quality Door Materials

    More than picking out a door that looks good, has the right features, and fits perfectly in your home, the most important aspect is making sure that the decisions you make now last. We install quality products installed by professionals and ensure that you are matched with high quality materials.

  • Accessories

    The details are what make a truly great door pop, and we offer a huge selection of hinges, knockers, mail slots, locks, deadbolts, windows, glass, and more accessories to complete your new personalized door.

  • Door Material Options

    Whether you are looking for a front entry door with paint or stain, or a sliding door for your patio, we offer a huge selection of material and styles that are sure to fit your homes look at feel.

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